Kayak rental: At Vansjø we have 12 kayaks. At Langen we have 8.
See FAQ below the pictures to find out what kayak rental destination is best for you.

oda hveem 1 scaled

Vansjø - 51 min south of Oslo

A paradise for kayak
Single and double kayaks


Langen - 21 min south of Oslo

Beautiful. No boats or waves
30 min public transportation from Oslo S

guidet kajakktur haldenkanalen

The Halden Canal - 60 min south of Oslo S

Info to come

Kayak rental: Which lake should I choose?

At Langen we have 8 single kayaks, 2 canoes and 2 stand up paddles (SUP). At Vansjø we have 10 single kayaks, two double kayaks and six canoes – plus 2 SUPs.

Both lakes are fine. The advantage with Vansjø is that you may choose double kayak. The advantage with Langen is that there are no boats, or usually no wind.

All the kayaks are good, new and stable. Most of them are fairly short (recreational kayaks).

Then Langen is best. 31 minutes from the Opera, 18 minutes from Ski Station. You will get a perfect travel description automatically after booking. If you use the journey planner before booking, this is the bus stop: Bru (Nordre Follo)

Biking takes a while, but it’s a nice journey. Langen is the best option. Your destination is at the north end of Langen. You will get a perfect travel description automatically after booking.

kayak rental

Kayal rental

That’s the easiest way to travel. We offer free parking – no tickets needed. From Oslo S:
Vansjø 51 minutes.
Langen 21 min.

The main problem with drop-in is that we might be fully booked when you arrive. Spend a minute to book before you start driving.

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