Pizza tour in the wilderness of Oslo

pizza tour oslo

Pizza tour: Enjoy Authentic Italian Pizza, wilderness and fresh air in beautiful surroundings. 

leie sup vansjø

Food tour description

Learn how to cook amazing Pizza in the wilderness.

Escape the hustle and bustle of Oslo and immerse yourself in the breath-taking wilderness just 20 minutes from the Opera. Join us on a 3-hour pizza tour where you’ll learn to make authentic Italian pizza with quality ingredients and enjoy it in the great outdoors. We’ll hike through the stunning Norwegian nature, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the peaceful silence of the wilderness. No crowds, no noise, just pure sensory indulgence.

Our experienced guides will take you to a beautiful lake where we’ll set up our outdoor pizza kitchen. With crispy and mouthwatering pizza cooked to perfection, you’ll taste the flavors of Italy while surrounded by the beauty of Norwegian nature. And if the frozen lake has melted, you can even try stand-up paddling.




Departure time: 10.15. Duration: 3 hours
Meeting point:
Hanåveien, Oslo (you get a perfect travel description for bus and car)
Group size: max 10 (normally 2-5)
Included: Food, activities

Walking distance: From the meeting point we walk 1,5 kilometers into the wilderness and lake.

Not included: tickets for transport

What to bring: water bottle, swimwear if you want to swim (summer and winter)

About the tour

We cater to dietary requirements, so no need to worry about your food restrictions (except gluten). Our tour is designed for everyone, whether you’re a first-time visitor, hosting guests, or looking for a family-friendly adventure. Our travel planner makes it super easy to find the meeting point, and we offer great value for an unforgettable experience of food and nature.

Bonus: Receive our top recommendations for activities, sights, and dining via email upon booking.

The guides

food tour oslo

As a tour guide, John has extensive experience in creating memorable experiences for his guests and is passionate about cooking outdoors in nature, with pizza as his specialty. 

John was born and raised in the area, so he knows the best and most beautiful places in the forest, ensuring an unforgettable trip.

skating guide

Group size

Up to ten guests are welcome. Please contact us if your group is larger.

Bonus: Receive our top recommendations for activities, sights, and dining via email upon booking.

min from Oslo with bus
percent recommended

Location for Pizza tour

Kart Hanaveien
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Pizza tour: Escape the crowds and stress – come to wilderness and peace.


Bus 550 from Bjørvika to Hanåvien. 21 min.

Yes. Its only 100m form the meeting point.

10.15 from Hanåveien.

Cancellation more than 7 days before: 100 percent refund
Cancellation less than 7 days before: 50 percent refund
Cancellation 19 hours before, or less: No refund

Unfortunatly not.

English and norwegian. 

We accommodate for dietary restrictions, except gluten.

The hike is 1.5 kilometers and mostly on flat terrain.

The ingredients vary by season. Some are standard like tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Other ingredients we have are: serrano ham, arugula salad, sausages, cherry tomatos.

Yes, you can choose any toppings you want.

Basically, there is one pizza per person, but we bring some extra in case someone wants to make more.

We will carry out the trip even though it’s raining. We have a tarp that can protect us from the rain.

You only need a water bottle with water. Unfortunately, we can’t refill water along the way.

No. Our guides will teach you everything  you ned to know to make the pizza.

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