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Looking for kayak rental in Oslo? Or maybe guided kayak tours? We have excellent service and price guarantee.
Kayaking here, at Sværsvann, has many benefits:

  • Escape the crowds (just nature, and we rent out maximum 7 kayaks)
  • No waves, no speedboats, no cruise ships - no boats at all
  • Take a swim in warm and clean water (in contrast to inner Oslo Fjord)
  • Very stable kayaks. Six single kayaks - one double
  • Freshwater
  • Safe to use without experience
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Reviews for our Kayak rental Oslo and guided tours:

Gabriele M.
Gabriele M.
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We had a great time with the kayaks. The lake is very nice: various different scenarios, many possibilities to swim and very relaxed. The owner was friendly and helpful.
Emmanuel F
Emmanuel F
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Great outdoor experience!!! I would recommend it to anybody who has the time!
Jamie S
Jamie S
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This was a fantastic afternoon kayaking. Our guide took great care of us and adapted the trip to fit our group's needs. We had experienced and novice kayakers and everyone enjoyed the lake and felt comfortable. I highly recommend Wild Oslo!
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18 minutes drive from the Central Station. 25 min with bus. We will send you details after booking, making your transport hassle free.

The lake is a hidden pearl. A bit like Alaska. You will see more birds and animals than people. Most guest spend 3 or 4 hours here and here are many places to go on land, and relax. Bring food and enjoy a great day in the wilderness.

Kayak certificate - Kayak rental Oslo

You don’t need a licence to kayak here. Some places you need a kayak certificate to rent a kayak. That makes sense if the waves are big, or there are boats and ships passing by. Or far from land. None of that is a problem here. But you must be sober. And you have to wear a flotation device (which is always included). If you are unsure about kayaking, a guided tour is a good alternative. Read more about guided tours here.

kayak rental oslo

Questions & answers

Sværsvann is south of the centre. You get here by bus (25 minutes from the Opera/Central Station – or by car (18 minutes). You will get a nice and easy description automatically, after booking.

Yes, we have free parking for you.

We are open from 7 in the morning to 11 (23) in the evening.

Yes. Kids over five years enjoys the mini kayak and can often paddle by own machine. You may borrow a rope; in case you need to tow the mini kayak. Kids older than 8 will handle one of the standard kayaks. You may consider a double kayak also, and let the kid sit in the front seat. The double kayak works fine, even if the kid stops paddling. I have kayaked for two hours, without any help from the kid in the front, he was just relaxing 🙂

I never use spray skirt on this lake, because it’s no waves or boats here. But we have three spray skirt for free use, if you want (for example during heavy rain).

Yes. We have many vests, from 15 kilos up to 90+. Vest, paddle and map are always included for Kayak rental Oslo.

We have six single kayaks, one double kayak and one mini kayak (for 2 to 7-year-old kids). The mini kayak is sit-on-top. See pictures at the bottom of this page.

Some people think that it’s necessary to know the eskimo roll to kayak. That’s good to know if you paddle with a tight spray skirt, or paddle during difficult conditions. The conditions here are easy: No waves, no boats. It’s unlikely to tip over. In the unlikely event of tipping over, you will automatically slide out of the kayak. It’s short way to land. Safer conditions for kayaking are hard to find.

Yes, it’s a great place to hike. It’s also possible to sit on the pier to relax or read.

The bathroom is not available during Corona, sorry. We have a bathroom available (if we are here when you need it). But we recommend that you go to the bathroom before you arrive. It’s possible to take a piss in the forest, just don’t leave any plastic or eternal trash.

In the waterproof room in the kayaks, or by the house.

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