Rent SUP in Oslo? We have new boards for a perfect excursion.

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Rent SUP in Oslo? We have SUP, kayaks and canoe. Here you will receive top service and price guarantee. We are located in Langen, which is in the part of the Oslo forest called Sørmarka. It feels a bit like Alaska. Coming here has many advantages:

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min from Oslo S
percent recommended.


Every day. See available time slots by clicking the button.

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The lake has small waves. You will be provided with a Life jacket and paddle.


Margrete11. aug 2020
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Great water to paddle on! We had a wonderful trip with swimming (fortunately optional) and relaxation. The four-hour rental interval is absolutely perfect, but you could easily increase the price by 100 NOK per board. 300 NOK for 4 hours is well within reason, in our opinion.
Geir og Heidi
Geir og Heidi30. juli 2020
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Thank you for excellent arrangements and a great experience.
Lise A.
Lise A.
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Lovely water, nice SUP! Thank you for the rental.
Lizelle M.
Lizelle M.
29. mai 2021
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This is the perfect place to rent a SUP in Oslo. It’s only a 21-minute drive from Oslo Central Station, and we offer free parking. Alternatively, you can take public transportation to Bru – it takes 30 minutes from Oslo Central Station.

You don’t have to pump up the board, we’ve taken care of it for you.

leie sup oslo
Rent SUP Oslomarka
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Prices 4 hours


About Langen

Langen is a paradise, located 21 minutes south of Oslo S. The water is 9 kilometers long and is located in the part of Oslomarka called Sørmarka. As the name suggests, Langen is long, and it is also narrow, almost like a broad and sleepy river. Otherwise, you see more animals and birds than people. There are places to swim, islands, beaver lodges, and wilderness. Langen must be experienced!

Rent SUP Oslo: 21 min by car from Oslo S. 30 min with public transportation.
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Rent SUP Oslo, 21 min from Oslo S

About the SUPs

We have three SUP Pure boards available for rental. Two are 320 centimeters long and can handle up to 120 kilos, while the third is 305 centimeters long and can support up to 100 kilos. For men, we recommend the 320-centimeter boards regardless. The width is 71 centimeters. If you book two boards, you are guaranteed to be able to choose the boards you prefer. There are larger boards on the market, but these are perfect for a lake with minimal waves. There are three fins underneath to help keep your course. A dry bag is a sensible addition if you’re bringing something that needs to stay dry, such as food.

Feel free to bring your own food and drinks and enjoy your time on the water. Many people bring swimwear and use the board as both a paddleboard and a platform for swimming.

FAQ - Rent SUP Langen

We are open from 7 to 23.

We have many life jackets, from 15 kilos and upwards to 90+. Vest, paddle, and map are always included.

All activities come with risks. The usual risks associated with stand up paddle boarding are related to boats and ships, as well as waves and strong winds. However, at our location, there are no boats or waves, and the conditions are simple. The shore is easily accessible from all parts of the lake. Anyone who goes paddling must be sober.

No, but there is an outdoor toilet on the first island. The place is pinned on the map you get from us. 

To get to Langen, you can drive or take public transportation. If you are driving, it is a 21-minute drive from Oslo Central Station and there is free parking available. Alternatively, you can take public transportation to Bru, which is a 30-minute journey from Oslo Central Station.

Yes. We offer free parking on the premises. If it is full, there is a nearby parking lot for a fee of 50 NOK per car.

We also offer canoe and kayaks. In the winter, we have rentals and guided tours for ice-skating and skiing. Check the menu for more activities.

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