Bus information

Avoid Google to find the best bus transport. Full details (from Oslo center) is here: tinyurl.com/yxkv5xuq

We are south of Oslo. If you are in the center, take the green bus 550 from Bjørvika or Oslo Bussterminal (platform A19). Ride the bus for 18-20 minutes to Klemetsrud skole. Exit the bus, and immideately enter bus 515. Bus 515 is normally waiting for 550 (but check the link above to see that bus 550 correspond with 515 at the moment you travel). There are no other busses at Klemetsrud skole, so it’s no risk of mixing up. Ride bus 515 for 13 minutes to Bru. I will wait very close, you will see me at the bridge.


Bru is in zone 2.

Buy tickets to get here in one of the following ways:
– if you have a week ticket or similar (for tram, metro (and often train) – it’s valid for bus as well) – but you may want to buy an extension for zone 2 for this tour.

– on the app https://ruter.no/en/buying-tickets/mobile-ticket-app/ You can buy tickets to several people, from one phone (payment on the app might not work if you live outside Europe)

– at a kiosk (with card or cash)

– in the bus (cash, largest bill accepted is 200 kroner. 20 kroner more expensive than other options)

See https://ruter.no/en/buying-tickets/sales-outlets/ if you decide to not download the app.

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