Kayak rental Moss - Vansjø

Kayak rental Moss – Vansjø? We have kayaks and canoes.

Solnedgang i Vansjø

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Ray Murberg
Ray Murberg
4th of August 2023
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Lovely location, good equipment, easy to rent.
Kjell Aanerød
Kjell Aanerød
30th of August 2022
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We had a great trip on fantastic Lake Vansjø with kayaks from Dillingøy. The equipment was good and it was easy to put out and take up from the jetty on site. Vansjø also proved to be the last best this evening. Flat water, lots of bird life and lovely August weather.
min south of Oslo S.
12 min from Moss
single kayaks
(fits from age 8 to 88)
double kayaks

This is the perfect place to rent kayak Moss – Vansjø. The lake has 250 kilometre shoreline. You can paddle among islands and wilderness. You have many opportunities to go ashore for picnic or swimming. Driving from the Opera or Oslo Central Station takes 51 minutes by car. We have free parking. Driving from Moss takes 12 minutes. If you don’t have a car, we rather recommend Langen.

Included in kayak rental Moss – Vansjø

Photo: Oda Hveem. Kayak rental Moss – Vansjø


About Vansjø

Vansjø is a paradise for paddling and outdoor activities. The lake has fjords, islands, and islets. Vestre Vansjø and Moskjæra are nature reserves. The lake is among the most species-rich in Norway. Here you will find carp, three-spined stickleback, trout, eel, and at least 17 other species. The birdlife is an important reason for the protection of the area. Both coot, fish eagle, wasp hawk, and many other species breed here. And of course, the beaver thrives here.

Adopted rules for Vansjø: Take all trash home. Do not damage healthy trees. Do not disturb animals, birds, and nests. No open fires (during paddling season). Otherwise, it is allowed to enjoy oneself, swim, pick berries, and much more.

You will get a map of Vansjø
You will receive a detailed map of the trip, with markings of outdoor toilets, swimming areas, and much more. Bring food and drink and perhaps some snacks. In the confirmation email, you will receive tips on recommended clothing.

leie kano vansjø
We are located in the northeast of Dillingøy. You will automatically receive the exact address after booking.

Kayak Rental Moss - Vansjø

Book now: We are often fully booked in weekends and holidays.

Kayak license is not required here

Most rental places require a wet card/kayak license. I have a wet card, and it’s sensible when paddling in places with shipping traffic, waves, or far from land. There are some boats – but no ships here, small waves, and short distance to land. We take safety seriously anyway. A life jacket is always included in the rental. You must be sober to qualify for kayak rental Moss – Vansjø. Paddling with others and being able to swim further increases safety – in case something unlikely should happen.

The Inuit paddle with tight spray decks. Then you must master the roll, so you don’t end up upside down if you capsize in the waves. Our kayaks, on the other hand, are more stable, with a larger cockpit. Then you slide out in case of capsizing.

leie kajakk vansjø
Vansjø, painted by John W. Edy 222 years ago. Here you can see timber rafting and settlements in Moss. With us, around Dillingøy, you will see minimal settlements.


About the rental location (opening hours, facilities, etc.)

No. Then it is better to paddle on Langen. Or bike, if you are nearby.

From Oslo S it takes 51 minutes southward. An easy and nice travel description will be automatically sent after you have booked.

Yes. We have many parking spaces that are free for our customers.

We are open 24/7

Drop-in creates chaos (with the number of available kayaks, and any available parking spaces). So we have stopped doing drop-in. Instead, please spend 30 seconds pre-booking. Booking is open up to 30 minutes before your scheduled paddling time. For example, at 11:30 am you can book kayaking from 12 pm.

Yes. Both at our location, and on some islands (marked on the map you will receive).

About the equipment – kayak rental Moss – Vansjø

Yes, we have two double kayaks. Double kayaks are great when paddling with children or a calm dog. Or if you just want to try double kayaking for the first time.

Children under 8-10 years old can benefit from joining in a double kayak. Children aged 11-12 often prefer a single kayak – but bring a rope in case they need to be towed a bit on the way back. Another option is to rent both a canoe and a kayak, so you can switch who is paddling the kayak.

If the dog is of the calm type, it often works out fine. But everything is at your own risk.

WildOslo has tried over fifty different kayaks, and we have had around ten brands in our fleet. We are so satisfied with the Riot Quest 10 that the majority of our kayaks are of this brand. The Riot Quest 10 is a great piece of engineering, considering that they are both stable and wide, have good propulsion and hold course (thanks to the pattern under the kayak). The double kayaks are also. of the brand Riot See pictures below.

For the smallest ones, there is a life jacket. For teenagers and adults, there is a buoyancy aid. We have many life jackets, from 15 kilos and upwards to 90+. All of them from Regatta. Life jacket, paddle, and map are always included.

We do not have spray skirts. Spray skirts should not be used unless you have sufficient experience. Here, as there are few waves, it is also not particularly necessary. The paddles have rings that stop most drops.

The kayaks have a waterproof compartment in the back. The compartment is not among the largest, but you have room for what you need on a day trip. When camping overnight, it can get a bit tight if you have a large tent and lots of luggage. Then it may be wise to pack sparingly or rent a canoe (instead or in addition).

Skeg or rudders. Look at the pictures below.

About Vansjø and Dillingøy

Yes. Both at our location, and on some islands (marked on the map you will receive).

There are good fishing conditions on Vansjø. The lake is among the most species-rich in the country. The most common fish to catch are pike, perch, and ide. Fishing permits can be obtained here. Please rinse the kayak upon return if you have caught fish. Be aware of eating fresh water fish from Vansjø, because of PFAS from the old airport at Rygge (PFAS from the fire department).

Look at WildOslo.com/o for some suggestions. Remember that you cannot camp on cultivated land or closer than 150 meters from homes and cabins. Parts of the area are also nature reserves. We have marked some good spots on the map that is included.

We do not recommend drinking the water directly from the lake. It is best to bring your own drinking water or boil the water from the lake before you drink it.

Public transportation takes a long time. We recommend driving by car (51 minutes south from Oslo S). If you are driving from Moss, it takes 15 minutes. A simple and nice travel description will be sent automatically after you have made a booking.

Kayak Rental Moss: We have eight kayaks of the type Riot Edge 13, a fun and stable kayak that is perfect for lakes. We also have two double kayaks of the type Riot Polarity, which are equally stable, glides well in the water, has a rudder, and a large storage space. The double kayak can also be paddled by one adult if you, for example, bring a dog or children who may not be able to paddle for a long time. We have two single kayaks of the type Boreal Design Sedna, which is suitable for experienced paddlers since the kayak is narrower.

Kayak rental Vansjø 2024

kayak rental moss vansjø
Kayak Rental Moss - Vansjø
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