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Photo: Jonas Ingstad / Visit Indre Østfold

Some highlights of renting a kayak on the Halden Canal


Every day. Select a time when booking.

hour with car from Oslo S.
percent recommendation
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Rent kayak Halden canal. Photo: Foto: Jonas Ingstad / Visit Indre Østfold


Isabel S
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Vi hadde en suuuuper dag! Vi kommer i hvert fall tilbake!!!
Silje M
Silje M
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Dette var en veldig bra opplevelse. Kjempefine padleomgivelser, spesielt for nybegynnere som oss. Mange bademuligheter underveis og fine områder å spise nistepakken og evt grilling for de som ønsker det. Imøtekommende og hyggelig folk.
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Hei Oddbjørn! Hadde en helt fantastisk fin opplevelse på onsdag 🙂 Tusen takk 🙂 Ha en kjempefin dag og helg!
Helene16. aug 2020
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Det var heeelt fantastisk! Kommer garantert tilbake 🙂
Sour D
Sour D
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It was a great time and the price was very good, the kayaks were comfortable.😍
Jan V
Jan V
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Very nice trip with kajakk. Everyting worked perfectly. A 4 hour trip with my wife in sunshine. I recomand this to everyone.

A kayak trip on the Halden Canal is an experience that offers varied nature, from drowsy rivers to beautiful lakes, islands, and wilderness. During the trip, you will pass through historic locks that have been in use for over a hundred years!

Starting in Ørje, you will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful nature at your own pace, paddle through calm waters, and take in the views of the surrounding scenery. With our reliable kayaks, you will have the freedom to navigate through different terrains, including drowsy rivers, lakes, and untouched wilderness.

Day trip or overnight stay

We cater to both short and long trips. If you have limited time, you can choose a short day trip, but if you want to explore more, you can take an overnight trip in new shelters, sleep in a hammock, or at a campsite. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to visit cafes and enjoy the sun while paddling past diverse bird and wildlife.

Whether you are an experienced kayaker or a beginner looking for a fun and unique experience, the Halden Canal has something for everyone

All equipment included.

Our rental includes all necessary equipment such as quality kayaks, paddles, life jackets, and maps so you can focus on enjoying the experience. We also offer suggested routes and recommended stops, including cafes and other beautiful places.

We are located in Ørje, right by the Ørje locks, 1 hour by car from Oslo Central Station. Easy parking available.

leie kajakk haldenkanalen
This picture is from Stryn. Our kayaks are similar. We have Oru Beach kayaks. You open the folded box in 10 minutes, then you kayak. If you want to take the bus back, you fold the kayak in 10 minutes - and bring the kayak on the bus.

No kayak certificate is needed here

Most rental places require a kayak certificate. A kayak certificate is sensible when paddling in areas with heavy boat traffic, waves, or far from shore. Here, there are few boats and short distances to land. Nevertheless, we take safety seriously. Life jackets are always included in the rental, and you will receive instructions if desired. You must be sober to rent a kayak. Paddling with others and being able to swim further increases safety in case something unlikely should happen.

The locks

Through Halden Canal, there are several historic locks. You can choose to paddle through them or carry the kayak around. Either way, it’s an experience to see the locks in action.


About the rental location (opening hours, facilities, etc.)

It takes 60 minutes by car from Oslo. An easy and nice travel description will be sent automatically after you have booked.

Ja. Nice and easy parking close by.

We are open from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

Drop-in poses significant challenges in ensuring that everyone gets equipment. Therefore, it is only possible with advance booking.

Yes. At the meeting point and by the canal.

In addition to renting kayaks on Haldenkanalen, we offer kayak and canoe rentals at Langen and Vansjø. During winter, we offer rentals and guided tours on skates and skis. Check the menu for more activities. We also offer guided tours.

About the equipment – rent kayak Halden canal.

Not at the Halden canal. Only at Vansjø.

Each kayak has room for one person. Most children over 6 years old can paddle by themselves, but some are more interested in looking at water lilies than paddling – so bring a rope in case you need to tow the child for a while.

Our kayaks are not suited for dogs unfortunately.

We have tried over fifty different kayaks and have had around ten different brands in our fleet. We are so satisfied with the Ord Beach LT that all of our kayaks are now from this brand. The Ord Beach LT is a great feat of engineering, being both stable and wide, having good propulsion, and holding its course. Additionally, they can be folded, making it very easy to take them with you if you want to take the bus back to Ørje. (See pictures below).

We have many different sizes of vests, from 15 kilos and up to 90+. The vest, paddle, and map are always included.

We do not have spray skirt but our paddles have drip stoppers.

The kayak has plenty of space, enough for a day trip and overnight trip. There are compartments both in the front and the back.

No. All of our kayaks are without rudder.

All activities involve risk. Common risks during paddling are problems due to boats and ships – as well as waves and strong winds. Here, there are few boats and simple conditions. It is rare for anyone to capsize. If the unlikely happens (that one capsizes), you can easily get out of these kayaks by yourself. Everyone who paddles must be sober. To increase safety, it is wise to paddle with one or more other people. Being able to swim also increases safety further.

No. Kayak, life jacket and map is included.

About the Halden canal and the area.

There are good fishing conditions. You can buy a fishing license here.

There are many lean-tos along the canal that are free to use. There are also nice places to pitch a tent or hang a hammock. Additionally, there is a campground along the canal. Remember that you cannot camp on private land or closer than 150 meters from houses or cabins.

The water is good for fishing and swimming, so it is likely safe to drink – but we prefer to boil it

We are located in Ørje, at the northern part of the  Halden Canal.”

It is a 60-minute drive from Oslo. The meeting point is located right off the E18 highway. An easy and detailed travel description will be automatically sent to you after you have booked.

In Haldenkanalen, we have 8 Oru Beach LT kayaks available for rent. They are easy to paddle, have plenty of room for luggage, and can be folded up. The kayaks are based on the origami principle and can be packed up and unpacked in minutes. This is great if you want to take the bus back to Ørje.

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