Canoe Rental Vansjø

canoe rental vansjø

Rent canoe Vansjø? We have six new canoes. Enjoy a canoe adventure in the wild, with new and stable canoes.

-Large lake, few people. Nature and wilderness.
-Nice swimming oppurtunities.
-Good for fishing

We also have 12 stable kayaks.

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min south from Oslo S
stable canoes
min from Moss


Every day. Choose your time by clicking the green button.

After placing an order, you will receive a good and simple directions. It takes 51 minutes to get to us, heading south from Oslo Central Station. From Moss, it takes 12 minutes.

Inlcuded in canoe rental Vansjø

leie kano vansjø
Canoe Rental Vansjø

About Vansjø

Vansjø is a paradise for paddling and outdoor activities. The lake has fjords, islands, and islets. Vestre Vansjø and Moskjæra are nature reserves. The lake is among the most species-rich in Norway. Here, you can find carp, three-spined stickleback, trout, eel, and at least 17 other species. The birdlife is an important reason for the area’s protection. Both coots, ospreys, common buzzards, and many others nest here. And, of course, the beaver thrives here.

Established rules for Vansjø: Take all garbage home. Do not harm healthy trees. Do not disturb animals, birds, and nests. Campfires are prohibited (during the paddling season). Otherwise, it is allowed to enjoy, swim, pick berries, and much more.


Cecilie Wollebæk
Cecilie Wollebæk
29th of July 2022
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Fantastic experience! Easy to find, all the equipment we needed was in place and in good condition. 2 adults and 2 dogs had some great hours on the water.
Stine Therese Utstøl
Stine Therese Utstøl
18th of April 2022
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Easy to find. Great equipment, stable canoe! Plenty of room for two people, a dog and two large bags. The pier made boarding easy. We paddled from Dillingøya, through Nåløyet, across Vansjø and found a small island south of Østenrødøya. Two great miles covered with lovely accommodation.
Tore Vestheim
Tore Vestheim
25th of July 2022
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Easy to park, get out and paddle. Vansjø is a lovely area that is perfect for paddling with lots of islands and narrow channels. This was perfect for a family of four on a short camping trip.
leie kano vansjø
51 min south from Oslo S by car.

FAQ - Rental Vansjø

About the rental location (opening hours, facilities, etc.)

From Oslo Central Station, it takes 51 minutes to the south. A simple and detailed travel description will be sent automatically after you have made a booking (we had to remove the exact address from our website because walk-in guests were causing parking congestion).

Yes, we have plenty of parking spaces, which are free for our customers.

No, in that case, it’s better to paddle on Langen.

We are open from 7 to 23.

Drop-in visits create chaos, especially in terms of the number of available kayaks and potential parking spaces. Therefore, we have discontinued drop-in services. Instead, please take 30 seconds to make a reservation in advance. Booking is available up to 30 minutes before your intended paddling time. For example, you can book kayaking at 11:30 for a session starting at 12:00.

Yes, we have toilets both here and on some islands (marked on the map you’ll receive). We recommend using the toilets here, as your paddling route may differ from your initial plan.

At Vansjø, we also have canoes. Please check the menu for other activities.

About the equipment – Canoe Rental Vansjø

Wh have Hasle 530 canoes

For the little ones, we have life jackets. For youth and adults, we provide buoyancy aids. We have a wide range of vests, from 15 kilograms and up to 90+. Nearly all of them are from Helly Hansen. The vest, paddle, and map are always included.

It’s quite spacious. You’ll have room for equipment for a multi-day trip.

We have paddles in various lengths, including paddles for children and paddles for adults.

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Canoe Rental Vansjø

About Vansjø og Dillingøy

The fishing conditions are excellent. Vansjø is one of the most species-rich lakes in the country. The most common fish you can catch are pike, perch, and roach. You can get fishing permits here. Please clean or rinse the canoe upon return if you’ve been fishing.

Look at for some suggestions.
Please remember that camping is not allowed on cultivated land or within 150 meters of houses and cabins. Parts of the area are also designated as nature reserves. We will provide some tips soon, but until then, you can easily find good camping spots.

The water is suitable for fishing and swimming, but we prefer boiling it before consumption.

Public transportation takes a long time. We recommend taking a car (51 minutes south from Oslo Central Station). If you’re driving from Moss, it will take 15 minutes. A simple and detailed travel description will be sent automatically after you make a booking.

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