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Looking for canoe rental Oslo? We have two canoes – 21 minutes south of the Opera.

We offer canoe rental Oslo. At Langen we have two canoes. We also have two stand up paddleboards and 18 kayaks. Langen is a lake in the famous Oslomarka.

Enjoy an adventure in the Wilderness – in stable canoes.
-Long lake, few people. Nature and wilderness.
-Among the warmest and cleanest lakes.

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minutes south of the Opera
stable canoes
adults will fit in one canoe


Every day. See available times after clicking on the Green button.

Bonus: Receive our top recommendations for activities, sights, and dining via email upon booking.

After booking you will automatically get a perfect travel description. By car it takes 21 minutes from the Opera/Oslo Central Station. Or 30 minutes by public transportation (Oslo S to Bru Viken)

The canoes are also nice if you bring kids. At Langen we only have two canoes, if you are a larger group try Vansjø (six canoes) 

About the canoes and equipment

Each canoe can fit 3 adults – or even three adults + a small child. The grey canoe has two seats, the green has three seats. Classic canoeing is on the knees, but many prefer to sit. Bring something to sit on, it you are more than two persons – canoing in the grey canoe.

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Canoe Rental Oslo

About the lake, Langen

Canoing here is like paddling on a lazy and wide river. The lake is 9 kilometers long, so you will not paddle all the way. You will see islands, farms, duck families and bever huts. It’s forbidden to construct new buildings in the area, and most of the time you will canoe in the wilderness. You start in the north (you will get a map). Langen is popular among fishermen, and ice skaters in the winter. There are many places to enter land. If you look for canoe rental Oslo, this is a beautiful place.

Some reviews

Hans J. M.
Hans J. M.
31. mai 2021
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Easy rental, beautiful scenery and very accessable. Parking right by the water and several camping areas close by. Highly recommended!
Christopher E.
Christopher E.16. aug 2020
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Det var utrolig fint 🙂 Takk for at vi fikk leie!
Linda H
Linda H13. sep 2020
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vi hadde en veldig fin tur:)
Gøril B.
Gøril B.
30. mai 2021
Read More
Very pleasant rental, with parking right by the water and canoes.

Bonus: Receive our top recommendations for activities, sights, and dining via email upon booking.

21 minutes south from the Opera. 30 by public transportation. You get perfect travel description automatically after booking.

Frequently asked questions about Canoe Rental Oslo

About the rental location

From Oslo, it’s nice to take the bus. It takes 31 minutes from Bjørvika. You can also cycle or drive (21 minutes south from Oslo Central Station). A simple and nice travel description will be sent automatically after you have booked.

Parking costs 50kr, always available.

Yes. We have never experienced theft here, but storage is still at your own risk.

We´r open from 07-23.

No, unfortunately. In order for us to offer the best possible service and ensure that everyone gets the right equipment, we do not have the option of offering drop-ins. Please book in advance instead, it’s quick and easy.

On the first island you come to, there is an outdoor toilet. About 1km for where you start.

In addition to canoe rental in Oslomarka, we have kayaks and paddleboards available. We also offer guided tours that include lunch. If you enjoy hiking, we offer a forest walk where we make authentic Italian pizza, outdoors! During the winter season, we have rentals and guided tours for ice-skating and skiing. Check the menu for more activities.

About Langen and the area

The fishing conditions are good. You don’t need a fishing license here. Langen is a popular fishing lake because it has so many species. Up to 15 different species have been registered, and anglers regularly catch perch weighing over a kilogram. Please rinse off the kayak by the garage if you have caught any fish.

Remember that you cannot camp on cultivated land or closer than 150 meters to residential buildings or cabins. Parts of the area are also nature reserves. But here are our tips.

No, unfortunately. Between April 15th and September 15th, it is not allowed to light a campfire.

The water is a good fishing spot and a good place to swim, so it is possible that it can be consumed – but we prefer to boil it.

We are in Nordre Follo kommune. Langen is in a part of Oslomarka called Sørmarka. We are 21 minutes south of Oslo S by car. 31 minutes by bus from Bjørvika.

From Oslo, it’s nice to take public transportation. It takes 31 minutes from Oslo S. You can also bike or take a car (21 minutes south from Oslo S). An easy and nice travel description will be sent automatically after you have made a booking.

About the equipment – Canoe rental Oslo

We have to different types, one aluminum and one in hard plastic. Both are stable and have good space. The aluminum canoe has two seats and room for two more in the bottom. The hard plastic canoe has three seats, but also room for children in the bottom.

For the smallest ones, we have life jackets. For youth and adults, we have flotation vests. We have many vests, from 15 kilos and upwards to 90+. Almost all of them are from Helly Hansen or Regatta. Vest, paddle, and map are always included.

The canoes have a lot of storage space. Some of our guests have packed for up to four days without any problems.

We have paddles in several lengths – both children’s paddles and paddles for adults.

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